Schooled the Podcast was named a finalist for a Peter Lisagor Award in the category of BEST NEW PODCAST 2018. This award, by the Chicago Headline Club, is given for "Exemplary Chicago Journalism." 

Schooled:  the Podcast is an education podcast dedicated to exploring school life through stories – the stories schools tell, the stories we tell about schools, and the stories underlying these stories.  Each episode is produced by Tom Couch and hosted by John O’Connor and features stories and interviews by people connected to schools – teachers, students, parents, administrators, writers, coaches, professors, and really anyone who has ever set foot in a school!

Show Staff:  

Tom Couch (producer) has worked as a recording and sound engineer at radio stations and on several podcasts. For more on Tom, visit his website at

Charles Logan (contributing editor) is an educational technologist at Ohio State University. You can follow him on Twitter at charleswlogan. 

John S. O'Connor (host) has taught English classes for the past 30 years in many different settings:  public, independent, and private schools; elementary, high school, and universities; an adult literacy center and a maximum security prison.   He has written two books on education and three books of poems. For more, visit his website or follow him on Twitter at john_s_oconnor.




Bill Ayers (Episode 2) is a legendary activist, teacher, author and education professor. He has written many books on education, most recently Demand the Impossible! a Radical Manifesto. 

Jashen Edwards (Episode 2) is originally from California. He has taught and conducted music research in Oakland, CA and in Germany. He is currently a graduate student in Music Education at Northwestern University, and he teaches in the Chicago-area

Tamara Jaffe-Notier (Episode 1) enjoys bright colors, confident dogs, and teaching English at Niles West High School.

Eric Johnson  works in IT at New Trier High School.

Naomi Shihab Nye (Episode 1) is a poet, songwriter and novelist who has written and edited more than two dozen books. She has won many literary prizes, most recently the 2013 NSK Neustadt Prize for Children's Literature. 

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